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Whats Your Price Review

WhatsYourPrice was developed in 2010 and has since revolutionized the dating world for sugar daddies and sugar babies worldwide. With a consumer base of over 650,000 beautiful ladies and eligible men and having been mentioned on top publications such as Forbes, Today, Time and Daily Mail, the site has achieved considerable success in this market. The patent-pending dating system is based on the economy of dating, putting bids at the forefront for guaranteed first dates.

The Bidding System

What’s Your Price is free to set up a profile, but what sets it apart from other sugar daddy dating sites is the credit system they use. The dating site is incentive based, even describing itself as a “dating auction.” Members must first go through a background check, but once approved they are able to buy and sell credits for dates. Members can use these credits to vie for first dates from other members, thus guaranteeing a first date. The pay structure works like this:

  • $50 is equivalent to 100 credits
  • $150 is equivalent to 450 credits
  • $250 is equivalent to 1,000 credits
  • Verified members will get additional $50

Member Categories

Like is the case with any site of this nature, members of the site are broken into two categories, generous and beautiful. When first joining the site, you classify yourself in either category. The ones in the generous section are the ones who bid for the dates, while those in the beautiful section choose to accept or reject them. The offers are only valid for first dates, and any dates after that with the same person are not allowed to be bid on.

This system is all about capturing the attention of a potential date by cutting through the long back and forth and getting you face to face sooner than later to see if there is a real connection. Those in the beautiful category can also reach out to the generous members if interested, proposing a bid that the generous member can negotiate or accept.

What’s Your Price Features

  • Free profile creation, including photos and personal information
  • Ability to send out date invitations
  • Ability to send winks for free
  • Ability to favorite or block a member
  • Ability to see who adds you to their favorites and views your profile
  • Ability to use webcam for verification
  • $50 for background verification to appear credible
  • Privacy settings to protect your privacy
  • Ability to search members using name, languages and other keywords
  • Ability to see members' last login date and time and hide your own
  • Ability to view featured, verified and newest members
  • Receive "recent matches" from site recommendation


The rise of sugar daddy and sugar baby websites came from a need to connect people who know exactly what they’re looking for in a partner. Whether that be women choosing to date men who are successful and have their affairs in order, or men choosing to date women they find beautiful and may genuinely not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, and vice versa. What’s Your Price is a credible site for both the sugar daddy and sugar baby world that promises real profiles and guarantees plenty of dates.

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