We are wrong about sugar relationship

sugar relationshipThis whole discussion about how sugar babies are different. And about sugar baby that are different and memes that make fun of that sugar culture that claims to know the behavior of fake. Many people are looking for fake sugar daddy dating sites.

For those new to sugar culture, no one trusts the other and everyone wants to have sex with "no strings attached". Eventually, everyone is afraid of being deceive because our generation creates this picture about how everyone is fucked up inside and has trust issues.

Now, I am taking it for granted,I got money and happiness in this sugar daddy. He is awesome but he likes to disappear for a few months in a row and I thought about it. But I still can’t help but feel sad.

Why am I still so attracted to him? Why do I try to find excuses for him? In his opinion, we are just dating transactions. But I have no way to accept such a gap.

Why don't I face him like a stranger, if he stops talking to me for a few months? Its because I'm scared I'll never find someone like him again. So interesting, intelligent, attractive, success, humor as him.

Sure these generic adjectives sound very unspecial to you but when you have a special person in mind these will be all your feelings.

I'm also scared because of my hidden low self-esteem that whispers "you are not good enough" in my ear every time a see a picture of him on social media.

I'm scared that the next sugar daddy I'll meet won't meet my expectations but I will accept him because I miss rich man attention that feeds my self-esteem.

And its true, I will continue to find people like him. I should hope so because I deserve better. And not being treated right does not always mean harsh physical or mental abuse. Whenever you've addressed an issue and try to fight for what you have while your significant other isn't you are not treated right.

Now I want to tell all the sugar babies that they don't care about your life. If you want to live a good life and have dignity, please upgrade yourself. Those wealthy people who see your unique charm are willing to spend more money on you.

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